A book connects a reader to a  microcosm of the world from another time and another place, whether real or imaginary, created by the writer. This mini world is recreated during the act of reading. In fiction, the setting of the story is this other world the reader enters, and the plot and characters allow a vicarious experience to take place as the reader lives through the events in his/her imagination. In non-fiction, the reader thinks along with the writer, travelling together on a journey to acquire knowledge, facts, ideas and information. Either way, it’s a shared and intimate experience between writer and reader.

Check out these works I’ve written to an imaginary stranger in the hopes a meaningful connection will be made. All I can guarantee is that I gave my heart and soul to the creative process that produced them. I believe they each contain enough value and meaning to justify the price of purchase. If you go ahead and buy one, let me know your feedback please here. Happy reading.

Corrum et audi sime que volore res et et et omnis volum, cum ad eaquam, volorep tiberibus.