Culture may be viewed as the ways in which human society and nature are being interpreted and portrayed, in mass media, in art, in literature, in cinema, in propaganda, in news broadcasts, in fashion, in economic life and, finally, in works by civil society, from sermons to seminars, from pamphlets to posters. It has to do with the prevailing ethos of a given society, along with alternative worldviews and values accommodated within that society, and how these values and views get expressed. Put simply, culture is the conversation a society has with itself as it expresses its underlying beliefs and sense of itself.

A Review of the 10th anniversary edition of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

In the best seller The God Delusion, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins outlines his case against religion. There has been a history in modern thought of influential anti-clerical, anti-church and anti-theological writings,[1] from Voltaire and Nietzsche to Marx and, more recently, The Zeitgeist Movement (known by its acronym, TZM). In its most extreme form, attacks on churches and priests have occurred, most notably during, and after, the French Revolution.

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