A selection of paintings which have either already been sold, or are not available to purchase.

100 Years Ago (2007)
Oils : 71.5 x 102 cms

Based on a photograph of market activity on Cape Town’s Grand Parade in the early years of the previous century, just before the dawn of the age of motor cars.

Grandeur (circe 1928)  (2008)
Oils: 113 x 90 cms

Based on a photograph from around 1928 of a couple touring through Chapman’s Peak. I added an interpretation that they are a honeymoon couple starting out on a new life together.

Wintry Day in Bohemia (2010)
Oils: 109 x 93 cms

The exquisite old city of Prague, Czech Republic, in winter light.

Manhattan Snowline (2008)
Oils: 116 x 90 cms

The miraculous Manhattan skyline overwhelmed by snowflakes.

New Orleans Nocturne (2006)
Oils: 74 x 105 cms

My first successful monochromatic picture, a major artistic milestone for me. It depicts a ghostly and lonely night scene in the French Quarter a few days after the flood waters from Hurricane Katrina subsided in the city.

Chosen Lady (2010)
Oils: 60 x 76 cms

A portrait of my wife on our wedding day, capturing a joyous smile.

Mam (2012)
Oils: 71 x 72 cms

Based on my favourite photograph of my mother as a young woman in her prime. She is as gracious as the roses she loves.

Set Aside (2017)
Oils: 76 x 92 cms

Imaginary vision from the prison cell of Nelson Mandela in the 1960s.

Dhou in the Wind (2011)
Oils: 63 x 62 cms

Harmony between boat, sailor, sky and sea.

Mzuri Sana (2011)
Oils: 59 x 59 cms

A skyline of simple beauty no poem could capture.

Awakening Year (2015)
Oils:76 x 51 cms

Contains twelve blocks of colour blended together over the four seasons of the year.

Colony of Moonrocks



Our Sisters

Michael would welcome your thoughts and comments on his works and is also available for speaking engagements on the subject of Futurology.