Codebreaking our Future


Discover that the future isn’t lost in the realm of the unknown, as believed in conventional wisdom today, but can be subject to the normal scientific method of cause-and-effect analysis, coupled with applying the logic of probability and induction.

This new methodology will create a social science based on foresight which will help prevent coming disasters and default scenarios resulting from poor planning.

Written by South African futurist Michael Lee, a Full Member of the Association of Professional Futurists and CEO of a global non-profit trade association.

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Product Description

Codebreaking our Future: deciphering the future’s hidden order
Paperback | 214 pages | Published by Infinite Ideas Limited and distributed in South Africa by Positive Destiny (PTY) Ltd.
Popular Science/Philosophy/Business

International Praise for Codebreaking our Future:
“This book provides a tremendously important tool to anticipate what is ahead of us and can be seen as an encouragement for all to build a better future.” Freija van Duijne, President of the Dutch Future Society.

“Michael Lee’s new book melds the wisdom of the ages with modern science to forge a unique causation model for forecasting the future.” Rob Bencini, US Economic Futurist.

“Codebreaking our Future is like a hot bath in the art of foresight. A fine argument for thinking in 4D. Great inspiration.” Rolf Jensen, Futurist Author of The Dream Society.


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