Re-live medical history with a novelised re-enactment of the world’s first human heart transplant carried out by Professor Christian Barnard and his heart team at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, during the night of 3 December 1967.

Tracing Barnard’s rise to fame and power from obscurity in a series of flashbacks juxtaposed with the unfolding human drama, the novel also takes the reader inside the ensuing struggle to fight the twin threats of infection and rejection of the transplanted heart.

“Michael Lee has brought the tale of the first human heart transplant to life with fascinating insights into the lives of the key people involved. Instead of just lauding the surgeons, he has rightly venerated the heroism of nursing staff, patients, donors and their families.” Dr Bruce Mathew, Neurosurgeon (UK)

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Paperback | 144 pages | Published and distributed by Positive Destiny (PTY) Ltd.
African Non-Fiction/Science Faction/Biography


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