One Million Years Ago


The prehistoric Cradle of Humankind in South Africa comes alive in all its brutal glory in this novel about a loving family of homo erectus hominids struggling to eke out a precarious existence in an environment of scarce resources and filled with predators like sabre-tooth cats and giant hyenas.

This is a story, set in one of the world’s paleoanthropological treasure-chests, where over 35% of early hominid fossils have been discovered, about Ayak and his parents, Tor and Kyra, who are forced to migrate after a series of calamities, including a great bush fire and attacks from competing hominids called robust ape-men.

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Product Description

One Million Years Ago: an epic adventure of hominids
Paperback | 144 pages | Published and distributed by Positive Destiny (PTY) Ltd.
African Fiction


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