The Compelling Benefits of a Scientific Approach to SA’s Future

By Michael Lee

Skoobs Theatre of Books, Shop 74, Montecasino
6pm, Wednesday 17th July, 2013

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you so much for coming to Skoobs Theatre of Books, the most interesting book store I’ve ever seen, for the launch of Knowing our Future. Thanks to Sanjay and Colleen for organising this event. My heartfelt thanks are due to Clem Sunter, South Africa’s leading scenario strategist and business thinker, for the honour of sharing this occasion with him. I’ll return to Clem in a few moments.

My name is Michael and I’m a futurist from Cape Town. I recently founded the think-tank the Institute of Futurology. Thanks to one of the directors, my dear colleague Patrick Cunningham, for being here with his wife, Zoe.

On the very eve of the 95th birthday of our nation’s inspirational founding father, and as we approach in 2014 our most interesting general election since 1994, after twenty years of democracy, the time is ripe for South Africans to reflect on our future.

A new struggle awaits us, the struggle to win the war on poverty, to significantly expand our economy, to build a society that will last not just for decades but for centuries, to build a great modern civilisation in the south of Africa.

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