“The world is at war because it has lost peace.” Pope Francis (28 July, 2016)

Under the surface of its restless waves and surf, the seas obey tides according to a precise cosmic timetable. In the same way, the futurist and the social commentator look for underlying patterns and driving forces behind surface change. Only then can a true picture of the present emerge.

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Such underlying forces are the causal conditions which produce an endless series of effects in an interdependent world. It’s a causal universe and a causal world so the futurist needs to build up a model of primary and secondary causal factors which will influence the future and help him/her understand the present.

It’s amazing, and sometimes bewildering, to be part of the flow of cosmic and human time. And this time perspective, derived from being part of Einstein’s 4D space-time continuum, enhances the moment by moment existence in the present by providing more meaning and more engagement with the greater human race and our struggles to find the way to truth and progress.

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