The Ten Greatest Predictions of All Time*

By Michael Lee

*First appeared in Knowing our Future – the startling case for futurology

It is mid-September in Germany in 1930. Significant electoral gains have seen the Nazi Party become the country’s second biggest party in terms of number of seats in Parliament. Hitler believes his moment has come, proclaiming boldly that the Nazis would win the next election and that their rise to the pinnacle of power was now inevitable and unstoppable.

Fast forward 18 years to 14 May 1948. Outside Tel Aviv Museum in Palestine, the Jewish People’s Council approves a proclamation declaring the establishment of the new State of Israel. Meanwhile, Hitler’s “Thousand-Year” Reich has come crashing down a full 985 years too early after orchestrating the worst crime in human history.

It is during this cataclysmic period of modern history between 1930-1948 that we encounter two of the best predictions of all time. The first is Winston Churchill’s warning to the British parliament in 1933 that a second major European war would take place in the foreseeable future as a result of German rearmament and deep-seated grievances. The second is the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy about the founding of a homeland for the Jews after centuries of exile and statelessness.

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