This section creates a space for the capacity to dream and to imagine. Sometimes, we have to step outside the flow of time, and our sometimes mundane world, to think expansively about making it a better place. Under Idealism, I share my general hopes for the future of society. Under Culture, I write about social issues in the sense of values, ideas, customs, and behaviour of a particular community or society. We are all cultural beings in addition to being social and political so this dimension needs special attention.

I have placed Art works under Time to Dream because art at its best creates pictures which transcend time and space and belong to the realm of perceptions and the unconscious. The key element is the viewer’s act of perception when confronted by the image. Perception is the level at which human consciousness may be changed – for the better or for the worse. That’s why I believe a picture which is powerful can inspire the viewer to see more clearly, feel more vividly, think more deeply and live more fully. That’s art’s high calling.

Sit back and enjoy this dream time. Then it’s time for your dreams, not mine.

Michael would welcome your thoughts and comments on his works and is also available for speaking engagements on the subject of Futurology.