Why I became a neo-progressionist

By Michael Lee

The other day, I realised that years of systematic study of the future had turned me into what can only be defined as a neo-progressionist.

Firstly, it’s time to move beyond twentieth century post-modernism with its deconstructionist scepticism about reason, progress, science and the future. Post-modernism was negatively inspired to start a cultural counter-revolution by the carnage and absurdity of the two World Wars. Beforehand, there was a broad-based progressive movement arising from the Enlightenment which propelled human advancement through the application of scientific knowledge and market development. Now, a synthesis is possible which leaves behind the intellectual, existential and social cul-de-sac of post-modernism and simultaneously seeks a way out of the menacing chaos of an ideologically divided world unsure of its future. It’s a world still suffering a Cold War hangover after capitalism and communism slugged it out in an immense global battle which probably would have annihilated civilisation if the conflict had turned nuclear. Re-embracing a new approach to scientific progress, rinsed free of the corrupting power of public ideology, can stop the madness of mass-bombing countries and peoples back into the stone age and turning strategically disputed regions of the world into zones of semi-permanent conflict amid endless skirmishes between political empires and wannabe empires.

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